Hi! I’m Kale. A big kid at heart with a passion for creativity and play.
I believe that the inner child is something that should be nourished and indulged. That doing so helps keep us young, and is good for the soul. It’s that spirit of fun and joy that I hope to share with you through my work.

My journey as a Brick Artist and toy photographer began in 2015. At first it was a way of building my skills with a camera, whilst playing with my favourite toy, LEGO. As people begin to catch on to my work, it quickly became much more than that, and so Frostbricks was born. I’ve received an array of awards and recognition for my LEGO builds and photography work. I’ve been featured on Brothers Brick and in Blocks Magazine. I’ve won awards at LEGO shows around Victoria and displayed at shows in Adelaide and Sydney as well.

Frostbricks is available to commission for projects big, small and mini-scale sized.  We can create custom LEGO builds and models. We can also supply unique photography projects for your business, club, charity or special event. We have a wide array of original photography work available for purchase right now in our store. I would love to talk about creating something unique for you, so get in touch.