“Bringing small worlds to life.”

Hi! I’m Kale. A big kid at heart with a passion for creativity and play. I believe the inner child is something that should be nourished and indulged. That doing so helps keep us young; that it’s good for the soul. It’s that spirit of fun and joy that I hope to share with my work. My journey as a Brick Artist and toy photographer began in 2015. That’s when I began my LEGO365 project, a photo a day, every day, of LEGO. Since then it’s grown into something much more. It’s a way of life. A way of bringing beauty into the world. A small way I can give back to a world that has given me so much. So check it out. Enjoy. And thank you.

Work Together!

Brick Built Creations

A selection of brick built creations, big and small. Models I’ve built just for fun, to display at events, or sometimes on commission. see more

Art Prints and Cards

Looking for some art to decorate the home, greeting cards for the friends and family, or maybe just something special for yourself?
There’s a wide variety of toy photography in the gallery, and a selected range have been produced as art prints and cards Shop now

Brick Building Instructions

Custom designs for you to build with your own bricks. All of the instructions come as a high-quality PDF, including parts list, as well as a Bricklink wanted list to make ordering parts easy Shop now