Do you need something special?

Brick building is my passion. I love creating fun, bold pieces filled with whimsy and joy. And I can design and create custom models, mosaics, and sculptures for anything you desire. Whether it’s small details or impressive scale, I have a wide range of experience and skills, a unique and versatile style, and I’m always looking for that next challenge. Importantly, I understand that sometimes what you need is something that’s never been seen before. Got something special in mind? Desire a Family portrait as a brick built mosaic? Or something to attract attention at trade shows? Artwork, a brick-built corporate logo, or something more unique?

Whatever it is, I’ll tailor solutions specific to your needs. Contact me, and let’s work together.

A Selection of Past Commissions

Carlton Terrace House: This model was produced in collaboration with Brickvention in 2019, a LEGO fan exhibition held in Melbourne.
The Terrace House was a limited edition custom set, available for purchase by visitors, and used to help to fundraise. And I’m very pleased to say that it was hugely popular, and sold out!

Yobbo: “Yobbo” was a gift for exhibitors at Brickvention 2019, with over 400 produced. The set came complete with custom printed parts and instructions, as a way of providing a unique memory of the event.

Flexo Marionette: This was a commission for Flexo, a LEGO compatible brick system, that flexes and bends. The brief was to showcase its unique properties. So what better way to show how it can bend, and be combined with other brick systems, than through the magic of puppetry? The finished design was a fully working marionette, with a fish tank that showcased it in motion.

Food Stand Diners: This actually started as a model built just for me. Since then, I have been commissioned to build replicas and received the prestigious honour of reaching 10,000 votes on LEGO ideas in 2018. While the set was not selected for production in 2019, it was a huge honour to be in the running.

Blocks Magazine feature: This was a small custom build and photography commission for Blocks magazine, a UK based LEGO magazine, featured as part of their themed issue on The Walking Dead. The brief called for custom built scenes that reflected the source material. It was an engaging collaboration to be involved with.

Apartment 5E: This was a commission for Cheepjokes, a stop motion video maker. He’s a big fan of Seinfeld, and wanted an accurate set suitable for his stop motion work. The set is modular, easily extended and flexible to allow for various camera angles. It was also bundled with instructions. And it’s been featured in some pretty awesome videos!

So. if you’re after something unique, and out of the box, for whatever you need,
contact me, and let’s work together